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What You Can Expect From The Style Revolution Secrets online course

  • Understand your body shape & prominent features

    Learn the secret of flattering clothing for your body shape, no matter your size. As the Style guide is part of this unique bundle, you will always know what fits your silhouette. Nearly everyone gets this part wrong, comes home with many items after the shopping, and never wears it again.

  • Develop a Personal Style that speaks on your behalf

    Dive deep into your style, where fashion truly reflects your inner self. Whether you're a classic chic or a trendsetter, we'll guide you in discovering the style that speaks volumes about who you are.

  • Learn about Colors for different skin undertones and define yours

    Learn about the hues and shades complementing your unique skin undertone like never before. Whether warm-toned, cool-toned, or somewhere in between, we've got insider tips to help you shine like a diamond in the colours made for you.

  • Discover complete Golden Rules of Styling that never let you down

    Let's break down the dos and don'ts of fashion with a sprinkle of our special magic. Because let's face it – some rules are meant to be broken, while others are your ticket to Style Success.

  • Secret Tips for Wardrobe Detox

    Unlock the secrets to decluttering your closet and keep only the pieces that make your heart sing. Say goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of having too many clothes! Hello to a curated collection tailored to your individual needs.

  • Wardrobe Essentials

    Discover Must-have clothing items that every fashionista needs in her arsenal. Here is a twist. With the Workbook file, you can customize the list to suit your unique lifestyle, personality, and body shape, ensuring that every piece you own perfectly reflects who you are.

  • Mix and Match like a PRO

    Master the art of mixing and matching, and check out the formulas professional stylists use daily. Say goodbye to outfit dilemmas and hello to a closet filled with endless possibilities.

  • Digitalize your current wardrobe

    You will dress up effortlessly anytime you open your wardrobe. All items will be uploaded & digitalized so you can style the outfits for any occasion. Tag them for easier access, and your "no-brainer tool" will save all dress-up situations.

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